The year 2003 was decisive for me ... many friends came to help me build my installation. In many beautiful but hard days we spent.
Beautiful time we hunted the "dx" for long hours ... without cluster!
It is more than easy to capture the dx ... But the information networks are very useful and require a lot of work.


It was very funny this meeting between Johan and I was fried in 2012 .... I tried a morse key on the "Begalli"stand, when I heard a qrz of SM5F?
and there we realized a QSO in Morse code on the stand between SM5F and F8ATS/6W...hi
what a pleasure to be found Johan  in this fried 2013.
I had the pleasure to wear a  viking ancestors's helmet of Johan .
I had also the pleasure to meet his lovely wife who took this photo and her children.

may be ...see you again at Fried 2014....?

73 Johan

Here's CE3CT and his XYL Carolina in PARIS May 2013

A great afternoon to discover a litle part of the French Capital .....

We spoke about a lots of DX ideas.....Wait and see in future

And here M1IOS sir john.(say...MIKE ONE ISLES OF SCILLY...)
I met John when i was looking for infos about the Scilly isles in the south west of the british Cornwall .
John has been of great help for us,and about  the real differences between our two countries, money, road use, Electricity and fuses hi ...
Thanks John, this first expedition was'nt a big success,but we encountered no bad surprises.
At the end of thiso "Scilly party", John invited us to visit his shack and hisfamous tunable loop on 160m.
The hospitality and kindness have a solid reputation in England, John and his XYL Jean are two people quite charming.

Sir John is active in radio from 160 to 73 cm without holes and in many modes.
probably you will hear from IOTA EU-011 in locator IN69UV .... or portable station around the Greystone Castle.
Here you can see .... its realization for a tunable magnetic loop for 1.8 MHz and 7.0 MHz .....
visit his web page

others friends are coming soon...


found here messages for our friend "F6BIV Jean-Luc"

He decided to call me  “voyou”, wich in the tender language of that secret french idiom of friends, hence known by a few of close friends,
means somethink like rascal and rogue.“Rascal”, hear, that a father says to his son or to a real friend, giving him a strong hug.
That was Jean Luc F6BIV for me, a bit father, a bit brother, a bit friend.
A real friend, wich I remember we never had not even a rift. Virtuous performer of the digital keyboard, he decided spontaneously to be my tutor during the first DX-pedition we took part together. Plainnes, simpleness, but above all gracefully.
Well, becouse Jean Luc, lord of  Fointanbleau, gentleman of amateur radios and in the life, has been this for me.
So, even when a few weeks ago I did contact him from the various Iota references of my trip as C6AGW, I felt extremely happy to read his call on my pc screen. Becouse it was as he were there with me.
I’m very sorry that other members of V84SMD, wich could know him for the first time “on the road”, will not be able to apreciate his
skills, and shake his hand.Adieu mon ami. Rip.
I’m sure that up above, you’ll fill the Heaven of 599.

Ciao de Gabriele I2VGW,
Forever your and forever “voyou”

RIP friend Jean-Luc F6BIV
RIP friend Jean-Luc F6BIV

Unfortunately, here too there will be a place in our hearts and we will never forget .... our friends left too quickly to the kingdom of silents key
Life is too short, take advantage of those we love most ...
Farewell and rest in peace.... F8ATS + VA

Of course ....there's a lots of friends all over the world,and it is really difficult to put them here ......but they're coming soon....!